Alphabet Mat Bundle (free shipping!)

Alphabet Mat Bundle (free shipping!)

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Alphabet Mat Bundle - let's make learning the alphabet inspiring and fun!

A simple, fun, and independent craft-ivity for your pre-schooler to:
     • identify the letters of the alphabet
     • learn key facts about each picture
     • match pictures to correct beginning letters
     • re-create the letters themselves using Playdough, pipe cleaners, pieces of wool, twigs, beads and glue, and more!


These interactive mats are easy for the little ones to understand.
They're great for independent work too!


Our Alphabet Mat Bundle:

• highlights different cultures

• focuses on developing fine motor skills

• encourages hands-on learning and thinking outside of the box


BONUS: Each Alphabet Mat Bundle also includes 26 Picture Flash Cards and 26 Did You Know? Quick Fact Cards with key tips/facts connected to the images on each mat to help inspire and broaden your little one's learning even further!

Cool, right?!

Our Alphabet Mats Bundle is perfect for parents who:

- are seeking to reinforce their little one's mastery of the alphabet
- need an activity that their child may complete on their own
- want their 3 to 5 year old to connect the alphabet to new and every day people, places, and things


26 mats, 26 Quick Facts Cards, 26 Flash Cards • sturdy & reusable • plus, free shipping!

Each mat features:
- uppercase and lowercase letters
- pre-printed letters for sight recognition and as a guide
- traceable letters
- create-the-letters section (for our little crafters!)
- writing section for them to write the letters without guiding


Best suited for ages 3 to 5 (Pre-School and Primary One Levels)


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